Month: November 2015

Man of Many Hats


I’m a month in and I have not a single complaint about my new job. I hate to be cheesy, but I’m actually getting paid to do what I enjoy. Officially, I’m a Helpdesk Support Specialist; in practice, I’m Tech Support, SysAdmin, Network Engineer, Web Programmer, and Printer Jockey. I was a bit anxious about pulling the trigger on this job, as I was fielding offers from an ISP’s NOC and from HPE as well, but I’m really glad I took this one. Since most my experience is networking, I’ve learned more about servers and Windows OS that ever before. I’ve also been offered the opportunity to feed my love of code as well. The tickets we receive are the norm,but I have to work for something. Between tickets, I’m currently developing a web solution with which to asses the status of our network hardware and server boxes and doing a little wire rerouting. We have interesting migrations in the works and the company is expected to grow substantially. Boil it down and I just don’t have any problem getting up and going to work in the morning. I like my job.

Okay, off my cheese box.