Launched in October of 2015 Steve[INIT] is a conduit for connecting the ideas of an average-Steve to the IT community. Steve[INIT] is written in the spirit of “If I didn’t know this, maybe others in my position don’t either.” The articles here are simply whatever the writer thinks would be interesting to the average “Hey, you!” or “[Steve, Jane, Joe,  etc.] over in IT” as they try to make their IT skills fit a company that probably isn’t IT. Tips, tricks, lessons learned, current events and the like. I invite you to critique and comment on any posts, as I am always learning and will likely be wrong or, at best, someone knows a better way. Steve[INIT] is named for the boot/connect process on a cable modem.

Steve, in IT

I have a background in journalism as a broadcaster for the U.S. Army. My drive to write about what I think is interesting is why this blog exists. My technical experience includes enterprise networking, systems administration, and programming for networks and web development. I’m currently working as a network engineer for a large hospital where I enjoy the unique challenges of supporting the healthcare environment.


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  • Twitter: @SteveHoodIT
  • Linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/in/steve-hood-068798b0

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