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This section is heavily under construction. Please pardon the mess and check back often for updates.

I’m starting this with ICND2, as it’s my current study track. I will also write up ICND1 and CompTIA Net+ in this guide. My breakdown is themed off the chapter objectives from the cert library by Wendell Odom for your convenience.

Note: Many of my study guide links point to I am personally a big fan of this learning platform as it consolidates most of the books and videos I need into one site for what I consider a very reasonable price. Using the links with a Safari Books subscription is likely the easiest way to use this guide, but all of the references below correspond with the identical paper books. I make sure each link points to the identical chapter in both the digital Safari book (or other digital format) and the correct chapter in the physical book.

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Packet Teardowns

Resource Links and Prices




  • The links in this guide lead to various series by ITProTV, CBT Nuggets, and I do recommend having a subscription to one of these services.