New Job

Offer Accepted

I haven’t touched a video game in months and I’ve shied away from TV as much as I could bare. In exchange for my creature comforts like EVE Online, Netflix, and Minecraft I’ve spent my time with Comptia, Cisco, and programming books or at my internship in the NOC of an ISP services contractor. Now it’s starting to pay off. Last week I sat down with a medium-sized business, as well as Hewlett Packard, and an ISP. Last Friday, while watching a colleague at my internship config a CMTS, I heard my phone ring of email in my pocket. I’m already expectant thanks to the “We’ll be contacting the applicants on Friday with an answer,” so I whip out my phone and rip open my email.

“Steve, We would like to make you and offer of employment..”

WOOO! So I was very hopeful about this job. It’s the aforementioned medium-sized business and they have a very serious growth potential. The position is IT Helpdesk and it’s a detour a bit outside of my experience and studies, but the way I see it it’s going to be a great learning experience. I emailed the company back very politely requesting a deferral of response, as my Grandfather had just been rushed to the hospital ICU and is still not doing well, but as of two days ago I did accept the offer. They are running my background and references as I write and, assuming they do not find anything they don’t like, I start this Monday.

I’m Stoked.